Our Story



This is the question I was asking myself while bobbing in the Pacific, watching my Open Water Students struggle to return lumpy, misshapen weight pockets to their rightful place inside their BCDs.

"Why, after more than 30 years since the introduction of weight-integrated BCDs, are we still filling them with belt and bag weights that aren't designed for the job?"

The next morning I bought some drafting tools and some modeling clay and set about designing a weight built for the way the world dives today. 

Over the next few months, I dove with several prototypes until I cam upon a combination of features that fit the bill: 

  • Dimensions that fit all the major manufacturers' BCDs, that prevents the weight from shifting around during a dive.
  • A mild curve that gently hugs the torso without deforming the pocket.
  • A handle large enough to accommodate fingers in 7mm gloves.

And so Pocket Weights™  were born. I hope that they enrich your diving life the way designing and using them have mine.

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— Barry J. Crow, Master Scuba Diver Trainer and designer of Pocket Weights™