Q: Are Pocket Weights™ compatible with my BCD?

 A: Pocket Weights™ are made to work with nearly every BCD using a removable weight pocket system including Sea Quest/Aqua Lung, Scuba Pro, Tusa, Mares, Oceanic, Genesis, and Zeagle. To make certain, if your weight pocket can accommodate a weight that is 7.5" long x 3.25" wide, they will fit! The only known incompatible BCDs are those made by Sherwood. 

Q: What sizes are Pocket Weights™ available in?

 A: Pocket Weights consist of two different designs, the rectangular style with the handle, made for removable weight pockets, and the smaller "pillow" style made for both the fixed/ trim pockets and weight belts. The rectangular style are made in 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 7lb, 8lb, 9lb and 10lb. The "pillow" style weights are made in 2lb., 3lb., 4lb., and 5lb. sizes.

Q: If I order, how long will it take to get my weights?

A: All of our orders are processed and shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours.

Q: Lead is heavy, isn't shipping going to cost me a fortune?

A: Nope! We pick up the shipping charge on every order.