About Us

One day, observing my Open Water students struggling to return lumpy weight pockets to their rightful place inside their BCDs, I had plenty of time to ask myself: "Why, when weight-integrated BCDs have been popular for nearly 20 years, are we still using weights designed when "Sea Hunt" was still in prime time? Why, when nearly every major manufacturer uses the same style and dimensions for their weight pockets, would no one have designed a weight that fits them perfectly? No more cramming ill-fitting square weights, no more straining and shimmying to get the pockets in the BCD, no more weight-shifting during a dive due to weights sliding around within the pocket. Wouldn't that be great?"

The next morning I dusted off my drafting tools to design a weight for the way the world dives today.

I went through several designs, took a crash course in mold making, and melted prototypes on my propane grill. I dove with each design and weighed the options (no pun intended!) before settling on a design worth patenting?dimensions that fit all the major manufacturers' BCDs, a mild curve that gently hugs the torso without deforming the pocket, and a handle large enough to accommodate fingers in 7mm gloves. I added a line of pillow weights, designed with trim and fixed pockets in mind, that also include a slot for a weight belt.

And so I offer Pocket Weights™ in the hope that they enrich your diving life the way designing and using them have mine.

--Barry J. Crow, Master Scuba Diver Trainer and designer of Pocket Weights™